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WitherTaco's Clicker Addon Mod is an expansion on DivermanSam's Clicker Class mod. It adds additional cross-mod and late endgame Clicker weapon variants.

In total, the mod adds the following content:

  • 17 Accessories
  • 8 Helmets for existing Vanilla & Modded armor sets that provide Clicker Class buffs
  • 3 New Armor Sets
  • 1 Potion
  • 12 Clicker Class Weapons
  • 2 Crafting Materials
  • 13 new Tiles
  • And more!


Items Links
Withertaco's_Clicker_Addon/AccessoriesAccessories Clicker_ClassClicker Class Mod
Withertaco's_Clicker_Addon/ArmorArmor Withertaco's_Clicker_Addon/Mod_CompatibilityMod Compatibility
Withertaco's_Clicker_Addon/WeaponsWeapons Withertaco's_Clicker_Addon/RecipesRecipes


  • Clicker Class Mod - Developed by DivermanSam
  • Clicker Class Addon - Created by WitherTaco