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Meteoric Breakshot
  • Meteoric Breakshot item sprite
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Damage9 Ranged
Knockback3 (Very weak)
TooltipCreates several meteoric shards on impact
Rarity02*Rarity level: 2
Sell4 Copper Coin

Meteoric Breakshot is a type of Bullet used by Guns that shatters into 3 small shards upon impact, like Crystal Bullets. Each shard carries 33% of the original bullet's damage, cannot deal critical damage, and has limited range.

The shards will break off in different directions depending on whether the bullet impacted against an enemy or a solid block. Against enemies, the shards will continue in the direction of the original bullet, piercing through and potentially hitting enemies past the first. However against blocks, the shards will rebound away perpendicular from the surrounding terrain.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Meteoric BreakshotMeteoric Breakshot (50)
Work BenchWork Bench


  • As the shards have penetrating properties, only one of them will hit the enemy the bullet impacted against.
  • Enemies can be shot around corners using the rebounding effect caused by the bullet hitting blocks.


  • 1.4: Introduced.
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