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Eel Slapper
  • Eel Slapper item sprite
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Damage22 Melee
Knockback4 (Weak)
Critical chance22%
Use time22 Fast
Tooltip'Banned from fish-slapping dance routines'
Rarity02*Rarity level: 2
Sell50 Silver Coin

The Eel Slapper is a Whip obtained via Fishing in the Ocean. Its range is slightly better than the Leather Whip in terms of range, reaching up to 7 tiles away and dealing critical hits 6 to 7 tiles away. Like all Whips, the Eel Slapper only deals critical hits at the tip, cannot go through walls or deal random critical hits, and pierces all enemies it hits.

Its best Modifier is Godly. Although Ruthless provides better base damage, both Godly and Ruthless versions of the Eel Slapper deal around the same amount of damage when dealing a normal hit and a critical hit.


  • This weapon is a reference to Monty Python, and is a joke weapon.
  • Despite the terrible reach of the Eel Slapper, it is the second-most damaging whip in terms of base damage during Pre-Hardmode, the first being the Molten Chains.
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also its totally true that being slapped by the fish in game slaps you in real life