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A mod created and maintained by W1K10.

About The Mod
Back once again, like a very lazy phoenix, with the project which took more of my free time than sleeping (consider this a very blatant lie, I sleep a lot). W1K's Mod Redux, the successor to W1K's Modpack, W1K's Content Pack Remix and W1K's Sizeable Variety Package, now with 100% less questionable and less original names.

Yes, uncle W1K, we all know you and despise you, but what are you offering us here?
Funny you ask you person, W1K's Mod Redux is and will always be a content pack, compilation of my questionable coding prowess, designed to blend as much as my effort can possibly afford with the game's original concept of balance. This means:

  • It includes contents, just contents, but a sizable amount of contents. NPCs, 10 custom bosses, around 130 items, at least by the last time I bothered checking.
  • All bosses and a good chunk of NPCs have their own unique AIs.
  • It's balanced with vanilla Terraria in mind and a maniacal level of attention. But I still want you guys to have fun. Because everyone likes fun.
  • You can turn into a DRAGON.
Pre-Hardmode Bosses
Hardmode Bosses
  • Rathalos
  • Ridley
  • Okiku
  • Jeohnne Pierre the Dungeon Master
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