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Dunestock (Terrorborn).gif
Max Life7,000/14,000
  • Item (Quantity)Rate
  • Terrorborn/Dark EnergyDark Energy(Terrorborn) (3-4)
  • Terrorborn/DunestingDunesting(Terrorborn)
  • Terrorborn/Needle Claw StaffNeedle Claw Staff(Terrorborn)
  • Terrorborn/Antlion ClawAntlion Claw(Terrorborn)
  • Terrorborn/Antlion ShellAntlion Shell(Terrorborn)
  • Terrorborn/Cloak Of The WindCloak Of The Wind(Terrorborn)
  • Terrorborn/Dry ScarfDry Scarf(Terrorborn)
  • Terrorborn/Swarmer WingsSwarmer Wings(Terrorborn)
  • Terrorborn/Dunestock MaskDunestock Mask(Terrorborn)
  • Terrorborn/Torn Page (Tenebris)Torn Page (Tenebris)(Terrorborn)
    100% (only on first kill)
  • Terrorborn/Golden ToothGolden Tooth(Terrorborn)
  • Terrorborn/Treasure Bag (Dunestock)Treasure Bag(Dunestock)
    Terrorborn/Dustwind RodDustwind Rod

Dunestock is a Pre-Hardmode boss that can be fought after Skeletron and is summoned with the Dried Canteen. When summoned, a sandstorm will occur.

While Dunestock is alive, its exclusive Music will play. Upon entering its second phase, this Music will play instead.


Dunestock can be spawned by using a Dried Canteen in the Desert Post-Skeletron. When summoned, a sandstorm will occur.


Dunestock begins the fight by staying stationary on the ground. After cycling through its attacks, he comes off the ground, leaving his legs behind which will crawl after you, and performs some attacks in order before landing back on top of his legs. Under 40% of health, its second phase begins. Getting too far away from the boss will cause it to quickly suck you closer.


First phase:[]

When attached to its legs and in its first phase, he will stay still for a few seconds. Right before he does an attack, he'll release red waves of particles. He will repeat the following attacks 3-5 times at random:

  • He will rapidly fire a barrage of needles in the player's direction. One out of every 4-6 needles will be unaffected by gravity. These needles will stick to platforms for a short amount of time and become more predictive as more are fired.
  • Fires evenly spread wind slashes 3 times. The speed of the wind slashes gets faster with each time it fires them.
  • He will make a line in the general direction you are going to be based off of your velocity, telegraphing a quick barrage of soil which will be fired in the direction of this line.
  • Spews homing blood at the player at increasing speed

When he is done with these, he will de-attach from his legs and begin flying after you. His legs will walk after you and occasionally jump.

While flying, he will use the following attacks in order before landing back on his legs and repeating his 3-5 attacks:

  • Flies after you for 4 seconds while firing needles which aren't affected by gravity. The farther you are from the boss, the faster he'll fly after you.
  • Aligns with you horizontally and does a charge attack. While the charge is happening, two claws will be fired out in your direction.
  • Stops and fires a fast needle barrage in a set direction.

Upon reaching 40% health, he will unleash a screen shaking roar, signifying that he has entered his second phase.

Second phase:[]

During his second phase, he will repeat the following attacks in order repeatedly. He will always be airborne, and therefor his legs will also be chasing after you:

  • A harder version of his first flying attack from phase one.
  • A faster version of phase one's charge attack. During this he will fire three claws instead of two.
  • Flies above you while dropping antlion clot bombs. These will explode into homing blood once they hit platforms or any solid tile.
  • Stops for a few seconds before summoning a sandnado. While the sandnado is active, he will fire evenly spaced wind slashes in your direction. The sandnado will last for about five seconds and will suck you closer to its position.


  • Build a layer of platforms right above the sand under your arena. This will cause some of the needles to go under the platform, making them not a threat to you.
  • It is best to flatten out an area for the boss. It will make much less obstacles to get in your way.
  • If you're having trouble with space, put actuated sand on your platforms to expand your arena.
  • You can deal true melee hits or use Shriek of Horror in between attacks while the boss is attached to its legs.