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Terraria Overhaul
Terraria Overhaul is a colossal mod for Terraria, which, instead of focusing on adding new content to the game, focuses on adding new gameplay mechanics and completely remaking existing ones.


Terraria Overhaul
tModLoader or newer
Terraria /

Enemy Overhauls

Mod Credits
Team / Important contributors
  • Mirsario - Owner - Game Design, Programming, Minor spriting.
  • Zoomo (Anodomani) - Lead Artist.
  • Rartrin - Additional Programming.
  • Kirbyrocket - Musician - Plenty of awesome remixes.

Thanks to

  • jopojelly, Yoraiz0r - Equally huge help with programming issues.
  • Vamist - Hosting online info, testing and patron servers.
  • Batby, Cesium, TitanTippin, Pip1n, OnePointSeven, DeliWtz, ShawKill and FuryForged - Useful feedback and finding various bugs/issues.
  • movildima, Jofairden, TFlippy, Gord, Trivaxy, Koi (Bananaman), Fokson - Participation in tests.
  • Scooterboot - Base grappling hook code.
Contributions / Assets
  • DM DOKURO - Eye of Cthulhu and Chaos Elemental tracks.
  • Xyssia - Spriting.
  • Blatooee - Spriting.
  • THD Team - Sound Assets and emotes from King Arthur's Gold.
  • TheHelten - Shotgun & Boomstick sound assets.
  • Vikri - Wall of Flesh resprites.
  • TerrorFox1234 - Various sound asset contributions.
  • Eli10293 - Minor spriting.
  • TFlippy - Gramophone sprites.
  • Raxxo - No Hushing Music Disc.
  • MashedByMachines - THUNDERDOME?! (Sector11) Music Disc.
  • Lunatic Lobbyist - Backgrounds from Better Ambiance Texture Pack.
  • Uniquepotatoes - Water arrow resprite.
  • Freesound.org - Source of the most sound assets.