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Use this template to show a verbal description of a numeric use time rating.


{{ use time | <numeric use time value> | full = y (optional) | class = <custom class for the description> (optional) }}

First unnamed parameter

Use time value. See the following table for a value overview:

Value Description
< 8 Insanely fast
8–20 Very fast
20–25 Fast
25–30 Average
30–35 Slow
35–45 Very slow
45–55 Extremely slow
> 55 Snail

These values are taken from the source code, thus correspond to the in-game values.


Set this parameter to prepend the numeric input and style the description in a standardized way.


Set a custom class for the description, default is usetime. Only has an effect when using $full.


Code Result
{{use time|30}} Average
{{use time|30|full=y}} 30 (Average)
{{use time|30|full=y|class=note-text&#32;small}} 30 (Average)

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