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A template for setting or getting a mod name.


{{ modname | set/mainpageset/get/strip/extract/getforfile | <supplemental data, depending on $1> }}

First unnamed parameter
Value Description Example code Example result
set Set a mod name. This is automatically called by {{mod sub-page}} (which should be transcluded on every page) with the correct mod name for the current page. {{modname|set|Orchid Mod}}
mainpageset Automatically set the correct mod name on the main page of a mod. This is because {{mod sub-page}} is not transcluded on the main page of a mod. {{modname|mainpageset}}
get Return the previously set mod name. {{modname|get}} Orchid Mod
strip Remove the mod name from a page name. Defaults to the current page name if the second unnamed parameter is omitted. {{modname|strip|Orchid Mod/Terra Scepter/Crafting tree}} Terra Scepter/Crafting tree
extract Extract the mod name from a page name. {{modname|extract|Orchid Mod/Terra Scepter/Crafting tree}} Orchid Mod
getforfile Return a mod name (the previously set one if none is provided), normalized to fit the file naming guidelines for unreleased mods. Usually only useful in other templates. {{modname|getforfile}}
Orchid Mod

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