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  • Everything is optional.
  • You can add a "name," "image," "imagefemale," and "imagebreak." Fill these values if the ROOTPAGENAME macro is not adequate (if the page name has a disambig qualifier for example)
{{item infobox
| boxwidth = width of infobox; default = 21em or stretches to image width
| float = default is right
| css / style = css style for infobox box, if width:xx or float:xx inclueded it will override boxwidth= or float=.
| name = custom item name; default = page name
| namesub = custom item name, displays below name
| image = inventory image; default = name.png (also used for sets)
| imagefemale = female equipped variant; default = name female.png
| imageplaced = placed image; default = name (placed).gif; if no GIF exists, default = name (placed).png
| imageequipped = equipped image; default = name (equipped).gif; if no GIF exists, default = name (equipped).png
| imagebreak = if yes, placed/equipped image is pushed to a new line below the inventory image; default = no
| type = eg. Weapon, Tool, Furniture, etc.
| type2 = secondary type; =Set for armor and vanity sets
| damage = damage inflicted per hit
| damagetype = melee, ranged, magic, summon, or thrown
| autoswing = yes, if weapon/item autoswings/autofires by holding the use key/button
| defense = defense provided
| bonus =
| setbonus = for armor sets, where type2 = Set
| pick = pickaxe power, without "%"
| axe = axe power, without "%"
| hammer = hammer power, without "%"
| bait = bait power, without "%"
| knockback = knockback inflicted per hit, if more than one value needed, you should wrap the values with {{kb}}, e.g. {{kb|7.5}}/{{kb|6}}
| placeable = yes/no
| width = width when placed, tiles
| height = height when placed, in tiles
| mana = mana cost per use
| mregen = mana regeneration
| mheal = mana heal
| lregen = health (life) regeneration
| hheal = health heal
| tooltip = Tooltip
| velocity =
| critical = if no value is entered and the main Type is "Weapon", a default value of 4% is displayed
| body slot =
| use = use time
| toolspeed =
| tool = tool used to free this item if in its placed form (this field is somewhat deprecated)
| buff = buff provided (up to 5 as buff2, buff3...)
| bufflink = no: when buff doesn't have it's own page
| duration = buff duration
| bufftip = buff tooltip
| debuff = debuff provided (up to 3 as debuff2, debuff3...)
| debufflink = no: when debuff doesn't have it's own page
| debuffduration = buff duration
| debufftip = buff tooltip
| stack = max quantity of this item that can be stacked in a single inventory slot; defaults to 1 for all items
| rare = rarity value, eg. '1' for Blue, '2' for Green, 'q' for Amber (quest), 'rainbow' for expert-exclusive.
| buy = buy value in coins, enter using coin templates ({{cc}}, {{sc}}, {{gc}}, {{pc}})

Placing // within either the sell value or buy value will return separate lines for Buy and Sell.

| sell = sell value in coins, also enter using coin templates
| projectile = Name of the projectile the item creates. It can also be used for summons, i.e. to incorporate {{summoned}} into the infobox. (up to 3 as projectile2, projectile3...)
| projectiletype = Type of the projectile created; affects the section's header. Leave it empty to set the header to "Creates Projectile". Set it to minion/sentry to set the header to "Summons Minion"/"Summons Sentry". Anything else will set it to "Summons <parameter value>"; example: Set it to [[Mod of Redemption/Guardian|Guardian]] (or faster: {{+|Guardian}} on the Mod of Redemption Wiki) to set the section's header to "Summons Guardian".
| projectileimage = Image of the projectile, without brackets (e.g. File:Wooden Arrow.png). Defaults to File:<value of the projectile parameter>.png.
| consumable = true: (found in source code) leaves player's inventory with Use / Attack, includes placeable items
| listcat = a supplemental category name to include the current item in a DPL list, eg. "arrows" causes the item to display at Arrows
| listcat2 ... listcat5 = identical to listcat: an additional supplemental category name
| listexclude = yes, to exclude the current template from DPL lists
| hardmode = yes, for items that only become available in Hardmode worlds