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This template is similar to {{#ifexist:}} as it checks the existence of a given page. The difference is that the checked page is not added to the list of wanted pages, and that it does not increase the expensive parser function count.


{{ ifexists | <page name> | <then> | <else> | redirects = include/exclude/only }}

First unnamed parameter

Name of the page, including namespace.

Second unnamed parameter

Wikitext for if the page exists.

Third unnamed parameter

Wikitext for if page does not exist.


Whether to consider redirects, defaults to include.


Code Result
{{ifexists|Category:Terraria Mods|exists|does not exist}} exists
{{ifexists|Foobar|3=does not exist}} does not exist
{{ifexists|Template:Mclist|exists|does not exist|redirects=exclude}} does not exist