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This template is a simple wrapper for the {{fullurl:}} magic word. It adds the plainlinks class to the link, and allows passing the query string as separate parameters and providing a custom display text.


{{ fullurl | <page name> | text = <link display text> | noencode = y/yes | ... }}

First unnamed parameter

The page name to link to (first parameter of {{fullurl:}}).


The text that is to be displayed instead of the raw link.


By default, the template will encode all passed parameters via the {{urlencode}} magic word if $text is set. This ensures correct functioning if, for example, a parameter contains a space. Use $noencode to prevent this behavior. Has no effect if $text is not set.

Other parameters

URL parameters as part of the query string (second parameter of {{fullurl:}}), can be continued ad infinitum. Named parameters will be appended as &<parameter name>=<parameter value>, unnamed ones simply as &<parameter value>.


Code Result
{{fullurl|Copper Pickaxe|action=edit|text=edit page}} edit page
{{fullurl|Special:Log|type=move|page={{FULLPAGENAME}}|text=move log of this page}} move log of this page
{{fullurl|wikipedia:Terraria|action=history|text=View history of the "Terraria" page on Wikipedia}} View history of the "Terraria" page on Wikipedia
{{fullurl|Terraria Wiki:Sandbox|action=edit|preload=Terraria News|text=Link text}} Link text
{{fullurl|Terraria Wiki:Sandbox|action=edit|preload=Terraria News|text=Link text|noencode=y}} News Link text