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Logo (Stardust Anomalies).pngThe Mod
Stardust Anomalies is a fairly new content mod that adds 79 Items, 4 Buffs, 4 Enemies, and 1 Boss to Terraria. One of the mod's main focuses is a subclass of ranged weapons called Sixshooters. This subclass, while not having its own damage type, does add 3 unique characteristics to ranged weapons: 6-shot, Supershot, and Misfire.
Stardust Anomalies/WeaponsWeapons Stardust Anomalies/Crafting materialsCrafting materials
Stardust Anomalies/ArmorArmor Stardust Anomalies/ConsumablesConsumables
Stardust Anomalies/AccessoriesAccessories Stardust Anomalies/ToolsTools
Stardust Anomalies/FurnitureFurniture
Stardust Anomalies/The PrototypeThe Prototype
Peril Corrosion (Stardust Anomalies).pngMechanics
Stardust Anomalies/BuffsBuffs Stardust Anomalies/Crafting recipesCrafting recipes
Stardust Anomalies/DebuffsDebuffs Stardust Anomalies/DefenseDefense
Stardust Anomalies/DropsDrops Stardust Anomalies/MinionsMinions
Stardust Anomalies/MisfireMisfire Stardust Anomalies/SixshootersSixshooters
Stardust Anomalies/SupershotSupershot
Soldier's Diary (Stardust Anomalies).pngResources
Stardust Anomalies/Version HistoryVersion History