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The Luminescent Lagoon is a Pre-Hardmode biome.


Luminescent Lagoon
Characters Unique Drops


Luminescent Bat (Slime's Stuff).png Luminescent Bat
Luminescent Jelly (Slime's Stuff).png Luminescent Jelly
Luminescent Piranha (Slime's Stuff).png Luminescent Piranha
Seafoam Elemental (Slime's Stuff).png
Slime's Stuff/Seafoam Elemental
Seafoam Elemental
Seafoam Slime (Slime's Stuff).png Seafoam Slime

From Luminescent Jelly and Luminescent Piranha:

Seafoam Scale (Slime's Stuff).png Seafoam Scale

From Seafoam Slime:

Seafoam Crystal (Slime's Stuff).png Seafoam Crystal

From The Environment:

Luminescent Rock (Slime's Stuff).png Luminescent Rock
Seafoam Crystal (Slime's Stuff).png Seafoam Crystal
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