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Welcome to the Official Wiki for SGAmod.

Mod created by IDGCaptainRussia94.

The Mod[]

SGAmod is a random content mod of often not-very-serious but well made, interesting, unique and most importantly: fun content

Some Examples would include:

600+ items, many of which are very unique functioning weapons, armor sets, and accessories! From the start all the way to post Moon Lord; 15+ unique bosses, many of which reworked from past versions, as well as rematches/variants; 4 unique, unusual Town NPCs: including a Dragon NPC! 3 Dank Shrine structures sporting loot, new enemies, and a powerful sword that only gets better which each one obtained! 3 Subworld dimensions for you to explore! A Custom Currency that is tied to mod progression; Support for Boss Checklist, Yet Another Boss Health Bar, Fargo's, and Census; No cringy lore; And many more things you've likely never seen done before!

The wiki is still a work-in-progress. We do not have many active wiki editors. If you want to contribute, feel free to do so.

v3.657 - Changelog

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