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Wisdom of the Constructor
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TooltipContains knowledge no man should possess. To what lengths would you go to save your loved ones?
Enemies are set on fire(twice), have their mana drained and their defences crushed.
The less mana you currently have, the more damage your magic attacks do.
Increases mana gained by stars to 160 and life by hearts to 40.
Increases maximum mana by 20 and mana regen, restores mana when damaged.
Increases pickup range for mana star and magic damage.
RarityRarity level: 10
Sell1 20

The Wisdom of the Constructor is a craftable Hardmode accessory which increases mana gained by stars to 160 and health gained by hearts to 40, increases pickup range of stars and hearts, increases max mana by 20, restores mana when damaged, life regeneration is increased for a short time after hitting an enemy, increases mana regeneration and is increased further based on how many enemies are nearby, increases magic damage by 10% and is further increased based on how little mana the player has and enemies nearby are inflicted with Shadowflame and Chaos Flames and have their defense reduced by 30%.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Wisdom of the ConstructorWisdom of the Constructor
Pinkymod/Construction TableConstruction Table
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