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Wild Dissonant Wisp
Wild Dissonant Wisp (Pinkymod).png
EnvironmentThe Void
AI TypeWild Dissonant Wisp AI
Damage50 80 35
Max Life900 1500
KB Resist70%
Immune toAll debuffs

The Wild Dissonant Wisp is a Hardmode enemy found within The Void. It floats around in the player's direction and charges at them when it gets close, it is able to pass through blocks.

Bestiary Entry[]

Spirit of a disembodied dungeon denizen, corrupted by the touch of the Void. Most Wisps tend to stick to their chaotic maw hives, but occasionally, they are known to operate by themselves. Dissonance Wisps are utterly fatal when they get into close range, but otherwise can be easily outran. Avoid their charges at all costs.

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