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The Pinkymod adds 8 new types of walls to the game which can be used for building or found naturally as a part of certain biomes and structures.


Wall Item Found Naturally Crafted
Blackstone Wall (placed) (Pinkymod).png Pinkymod/Blackstone WallBlackstone Wall
Darkstone Wall (placed) (Pinkymod).png Pinkymod/Darkstone WallDarkstone Wall
Mythril Brick Wall? (placed) (Pinkymod).png Pinkymod/Mythril Brick Wall?Mythril Brick Wall?
Ruin Brick Wall (placed) (Pinkymod).png Pinkymod/Ruin Brick WallRuin Brick Wall
Ruin Slab Wall (placed) (Pinkymod).png Pinkymod/Ruin Slab WallRuin Slab Wall
Void Sludge Wall (placed) (Pinkymod).png Pinkymod/Void Sludge WallVoid Sludge Wall
Void Titanbrick Wall (placed) (Pinkymod).png Pinkymod/Void Titanbrick WallVoid Titanbrick Wall
Warped Wood Wall (placed) (Pinkymod).png Pinkymod/Warped Wood WallWarped Wood Wall

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