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TooltipInhuman speed, increased jump height, negates fall damage, liquid walk, rocket boots, running into enemies deals damage and sets them ablaze and increases max wing flight time by 20%.
RarityRarity level: 6

The Trailblazers are a craftable hardmode accessory and the final upgrade of the Frostspark Boots.

They give the following bonuses:

  • They increase the player's speed dramatically, up to 102 mph.
  • Increase jump height by 26%.
  • Immunity to fall damage.
  • A great amount of flight (almost twice the amount of Rocket Boots).
  • Give the ability to walk on liquids.
  • Provide 20% increase in wing flight time
  • Give the ability to run into enemies and deal damage, as well as inflict the On Fire! debuff.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Pinkymod/Construction TableConstruction Table


  • The Trailblazers have a top speed of 102 mph, same as the mechanical cart.
  • Both the Sunswept Feather and the Flying Carpet are dropped from the Sunlight Trader.
  • The 7 seconds of lava immunity stack with any of its crafting components with the same effect.
  • Since the Panic Necklace only drops in crimson world, the player will need an alternate world with crimson to be able to create the Trailblazers, unless they have mods installed who bypass this problem, by letting the player buy the Panic Necklace from an npc for example.


  • The word "trailblazer" means one who paves a way through wild unexplored country. It can also mean someone who is an innovator, usually in a specific field they are specialized in, although not necessarily.
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