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The Void Plains sub-biome

The Warped Forest sub-biome

The Rune Lands sub-biome

Mountains of Madness sub-biome

The Void is a new Dimension only accessible in Hardmode. The Void is divided in four sub-biomes each containing different generations and Blocks being the Void Plains, Rune Lands, Warped Forest and the Mountains of Madness.


The Void can only be accessed after defeating The Dungeon Constructor by using the Mind Seal on the Mind Portal.


The Void
Characters Unique Drops


Pinkymod/Abyss ProbeAbyss Probe
Pinkymod/Cataclysmic EyeCataclysmic Eye
Pinkymod/Chaos MawChaos Maw
Demon of the Abyss
Pinkymod/Eldritch SludgeEldritch Sludge
Pinkymod/Fallen OverseerFallen Overseer
Pinkymod/Fallen ProtectorFallen Protector
Pinkymod/Hurt ConstructHurt Construct
Pinkymod/Indignant ConstructIndignant Construct
Pinkymod/Shadow KobblinShadow Kobblin
Pinkymod/Wild Dissonant WispWild Dissonant Wisp


Pinkymod/The AbysscrawlersThe Abysscrawlers(Boss)
Pinkymod/The Mind GodThe Mind God(Boss)

From Any Void Enemies:


From Shadow Kobblin:

Pinkymod/Warped WoodWarped Wood

From Cataclysmic Eye:

Pinkymod/Lens of CataclysmLens of Cataclysm

From The Abysscrawlers:

Pinkymod/Void TitaniteVoid Titanite

From The Mind God:

Pinkymod/Fabric of RealityFabric of Reality

From Spooky Chests:

Pinkymod/Staff of DefilementStaff of Defilement
Pinkymod/Psyche DevastatorPsyche Devastator
Pinkymod/Prototype RazerPrototype Razer
Pinkymod/Grappling GunGrappling Gun
Pinkymod/Otherworldly PoleOtherworldly Pole
Pinkymod/The Final MessageThe Final Message
Pinkymod/Void TitanbrickVoid Titanbrick

From The Environment:

Pinkymod/Void SludgeVoid Sludge
Pinkymod/Watching Void SludgeWatching Void Sludge
Pinkymod/Tortured SandTortured Sand
Pinkymod/Void DirtVoid Dirt
Pinkymod/Warped WoodWarped Wood
Pinkymod/Warped Seed PodWarped Seed Pod
Pinkymod/Void TitanbrickVoid Titanbrick
Pinkymod/Marked BlackstoneMarked Blackstone
Pinkymod/Gray AshGray Ash


  • After defeating The Gatekeepers, Void Titanite will be generated within the underground of The Void.
  • The Rod of Discord cannot be used while in The Void.