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The Medium
The Medium (Pinkymod).png
TypeTown NPC
AI TypePassive
Damage45 (90 in hardmode)
Max Life3000 6000
KB Resist85%
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The Medium is a Town NPC from Pinkymod. He resides in the Cathedral of the Moon, where he stands watch over the ancient seal. His primary purpose is to serve as the mod's main quest-giver, albeit his quest is far from complete.

When first interacting with the medium he will have a conversation with the player telling about how the world is in danger and what the player has to do to save it.


  • Greetings. So, I guess you are the Terrarian who picked up the coordinates sent. In that case, I am pleased to meet you.

    The Memory Tablet

  • Like I said, we have much to discuss. You can know me as the Medium nothing more, nothing less. Now, do not be startled by my appearance. It is simply the robes of my former religion.
  • You see, I was a Lunar Cultist. But times have changed since then, and now I follow no single deity. That is not my point now, though. The thing is, back when I was still with them, I was known to be a master Clairvoyant.
  • Yes this was what earned me my title. Even after I uh... left them, I still practice my future reading skills. Yet, in the recent ages, I have stumbled upon something startling on one of these trips to the far future.
  • Indeed, it was a future where all was devastation. Mainland Terraria has been reduced to mountains of ashes, and the Paradox Islands where you are from are no more. The sky is choked with ash, the ground is radiated and the only light is the endless streaking of green lightning.
  • After a deep session of pondering, I managed to determine the source of this vision. It led me to this here very island. It appears that whatever is in this seal above us is the source of all this.
  • The thing was being kept behind a century-old magic spell. If we leave it alone for a few more centuries to come, who knows - that thing might break out. And if it's released into the world really causes such a catastrophe, then I thought, that we should be doing something.
  • Which is what led me to call out for help from others. I can't surmount this monolithic task by myself. I may be a proficient Mage, but I am after all only a man. And this is why I called you. I know that something is different deep within you. I cannot tell what, but I can sense it!
  • So hear me out, alright? For the sake of Terraria, we need to do something about that seal. After further research, I realised that in order to break it, one will need to have memories of the powers of the greatest beings in the land..
  • And thus, I have but one favour to ask for you. Please, so that Terraria will live another day, find and overcome these great beings and take in the memories so that we may break the seal ourselves. Look, I can explain.
  • The seal's failure is inevitable, so better it happen on our watch so that we may be there to fight back, than for it to catch us off guard.
  • By facing the greatest of those who walk the land, you can take in the Great Memories as your own. I cannot explain why right now, but it is these memories that will also allow you to stand and fight against the being.
  • If you do embark on this quest, then I applaud you. Here, for you: This tablet can help you keep track of all the memories that you have taken in in full.

The Medium will then give the player the Memory Tablet the view the memories they have thus far collected.


The Medium does not spawn on his own and only shows up in the Cathedral of the Moon.


  • The Gods are dead and it is of their own doings.
  • Despite a childhood spent reading prayer-books anshymns about letting go and not being attached, I still can't quite keep my mind off them...
  • It is said that within the plane of this material world, there exists another, dark mirror of every hint in our daily lives. Twisted and corrupted to the utmost.
  • These horribly faded robes were once deep blue like the rest of the Moon Cultists' robes are. But I have long since grown out of simply worshipping the Moon Lord. I know of greater beings now. Although I wish I hadn't...
  • In every darkness there is light, in every conflict there is resolve. Such is the balanced nature of our world. All it takes is for one small change to destroy reality forever.
  • Even with these robes on, the air is still chilly...
  • I know it is a tough job. Those who came before you said so too. But I promise, we'll pull through.
  • Evil presence watching you? I've felt worse...
  • He who fights monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster.


When attacked, the Medium will fight back by shooting lightning from his fists. The lightning resembles those shot by the Phantasmogaria, but the Medium is not shown using it. The Medium can be injured but not killed.


The Medium will always be named "The Medium"



  • At some point, he was a regular Lunar Cultist


The Medium was once a young cultist born into the Lunar Cult, and was gifted with clairvoyent powers from a young age. He belonged to a nomadic sect that would go from place to place in order to pray at different sacred locations. Eventually, his sect had undertaken a pilgrimage to Arazium. Their object of worship for that day was the Orespeak Desert Seal. A terrible fate awaited them, for it was the very same day that Xioml broke free of the Seal. Xioml annihilated the entire sect, except for the boy who would one day become known as the Medium. His parents died that day, distracting the fallen God from annihilating their son. They fell in seconds, turned into nuclear dust. The Medium would have been next, but he was saved by the interference of three strange individuals. One was wearing a brown cap and another clad in armor of a Hallowknight. The last individual's details were blurry, but the Medium remembered them as "giving off an intense and overwhelming aura of pure power".

After the loss of his sect, the Medium wandered the land by himself. His faith took a massive blow, and while he tried to join other sects, most either turned him down or that he simply left by himself when he could not fit in or feel safe. The Medium then began experiencing traumatic visions as a late teen, of a future where 'all is devastation'. He saw his own destiny, where he had to head to the 'source of his nightmares' and raise a group of the five most talented individuals of the era. The Medium now resides in the Cathedral of the Moon, where his horrible visions were said to come from, and watches eternally over the seal.

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