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Stave of the Dungeon Constructor
  • Stave of the Dungeon Constructor item sprite
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TooltipExtremely plain staff, albeit one imbued with magical powers and affinity to rival the greatest magicks in all of Terraria. Adds 12% magic damage, works even in the vanity slot. Graphics will come in a future update
RarityRarity level: 6
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Pinkymod/Dungeon ConstructorDungeon Constructor 1 25%

The Stave of the Dungeon Constructor is a Hardmode accessory dropped by The Dungeon Constructor which increases magic damage by 12% this bonus applies even if it is equipped in the vanity slot however boosts from any modifier it has will not apply while in a vanity slot.

Equipable Items: Eternal Helmet (Pinkymod).png Armor (Old Hero's Helmet (Pinkymod).png Vanity)  • Imperial Escutcheon (Pinkymod).png Accessories