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Sorceress (Pinkymod).png
TypeTown NPC
AI TypePassive
Max Life600
KB Resist85%
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The Sorceress is a Town NPC added in the Pinkymod, who requires the following conditions to move in:

When first interacting with the Sorceress she will have a short conversation about telling them a bit about themselves and asking the player about their great magical power and why they have it.


  • You. Yes you. I sense attunement in you. You have a knack for magic, don't you? I see your soul blowing with the winds of magic.
  • Why did you learn magic? What is it that you desire? Is it a thirst for knowledge? It is a desire to bring peace? Or perhaps it is a yearning, a yearning for power.
  • Regardless, I do have some goods for you. Of course, they come at a price. Heh heh heh.
  • I come from foreign lands, in a search as well. You may have learned magic as a freeman, but I did not. The Hallowstone Royal Mages Academy was where I hailed from.
  • But their practices were' too limiting. So I left the order, the only family I ever had. I don't know why I was so hesitant but now I've never felt..more free.
  • I think they ostracized me, as those nitwitted nitpickers usually do. But now it feels like I have a weight off my shoulders. It's just that, I don't remember what happened afterwards.
  • I just remember some feeling of euphoria, and then emptiness. Nothing. I still feel it now, so I came here in search of something.
  • So yeah, that's about it for me. Now make me feel something again - buy my stuff!

Items Sold[]

Item Cost Availability

Vile PowderVile Powder 5 Always
Pinkymod/Blue Tearstone RingBlue Tearstone Ring 30 Always
Pinkymod/Necklace of VeilingNecklace of Veiling 5 Always
Pinkymod/Enchanting StoneEnchanting Stone 1 50 Always
Pinkymod/Milky QuartzMilky Quartz 10 Always
Pinkymod/Ritual ParchmentRitual Parchment 8 Always
Band of StarpowerBand of Starpower 5 Always
Pinkymod/The Basics of ArcanaThe Basics of Arcana 2 Always
Pinkymod/Imbuement GuideImbuement Guide 2 Always
Pinkymod/Ivory Tree SamaraIvory Tree Samara 4 During a Full Moon or New Moon
Pinkymod/Dark ResidueDark Residue 8 After defeating the Goblin Army
Pinkymod/White Branch of OrespeakWhite Branch of Orespeak 60 During a Full Moon, after defeating Sunlight Trader and spending 60 Gold Coins in her shop
Pinkymod/Dark OrbDark Orb 30 After defeating Skeletron
Pinkymod/Defiled SkullDefiled Skull 5 After defeating Skeletron and spending 30 Gold Coins in her shop
Pinkymod/Ring of LifeRing of Life 30 After defeating the Heart of the Cavern
Pinkymod/Red Tearstone RingRed Tearstone Ring 45 After defeating Wall of Flesh
Pinkymod/Dark FusilladeDark Fusillade 40 After defeating Wall of Flesh and spending 60 Gold Coins in her shop
Pinkymod/Crystallised ExhaustionCrystallised Exhaustion 40 After defeating Wall of Flesh and spending 60 Gold Coins in her shop
Pinkymod/Haunt AgainHaunt Again 60 After defeating Wall of Flesh and spending 100 Gold Coins in her shop
Pinkymod/Oneirot ChargeOneirot Charge 60 After defeating any Mechanical Boss and spending 150 Gold Coins in her shop
Pinkymod/Soulset EdgeSoulset Edge 60 After defeating any Mechanical Boss and spending 150 Gold Coins in her shop
Pinkymod/Dark AssaultDark Assault 60 After defeating any Mechanical Boss and spending 150 Gold Coins in her shop
Pinkymod/Unrefined AsterrockUnrefined Asterrock 1 After defeating Plantera


  • The Hallowstone Magic Council preaches a life of service, separate from material wealth. Do you really think mages outside the capital are so fortunate?
  • Why do you seek to learn magic? Is it to become even more powerful? If so, I have some gifts for you... At a price of course!
  • While some folks choose to deny it, the truth is that there is never an absolute when it comes to human morality.
  • It is said that a mint tuned to the Winds of Magic can hear the earth itself. My mind is tuned alright, but I'd rather not hear the entitled whines of some stupid space rock.
  • It wouldn't be a wise choice to read my wares in length. Just cast the spells and get on with in. I wouldn't want to see you in any other form.
  • You wish to witness your doom? You'll have to require first.

After having spent at least 60 Gold Coins in her shop:

  • Now I must admit, you are indeed good for business. But on top of that, I dare say you are trustworthy. For your patronage, let's indulge in more secrets now, shall we?

After having spent at least 150 Gold Coins in her shop:

  • You truly are a loyal customer. I trust that my work has been put to good use, then? You put a smile on my face, my friend.

During a Blood Moon:

  • Oh? You're approaching me?
  • Heheheheheheh

After Skeletron has been defeated:

  • I feel much better all of a sudden. I can't explain it, but it feels like I am whole again...
  • Your powers are growing as a mage, and mine too. With this new wholeness, I feel my full magical abilities have returned to me. It's something to do with you, but I can't figure out what.
  • Whatever you did, I should show my gratitude... with a gift. But I am just a simple sorceress. I don't have much to give, or well, that was the case.
  • But if you are willing to keep a secret, then I do have a little trick I think you would find handy. But be careful. It's not a gift I hand out freely both figuratively and literally. Nor is it one for the faint of heart, but trust me, if you can see its value, then it's worth every morsel.

During an Invasion:

  • Perhaps you should be defending the town, instead of fraternizing!

While the Dryad is present:

  • I think I'm going to incinerate and dispose of that excuse of a nature spirit now.

While the Traveller is present:

  • I do wish to travel to Old Orespeak someday. Perhaps <name of Traveller> may assist me. But it's all still just a dream.


When attacked by enemies the Sorceress will not fight back until Skeletron has been defeated, after which she will use the Dark Orb.


The Sorceress will always simply be named "The Sorceress".

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