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Silvan Chief
Silvan Chief (Pinkymod).png
TypeTown NPC
AI TypePassive
Max Life400
KB Resist85%

The Silvan Chief is a Town NPC added in the Pinkymod who can be found in the Silvan Village who sends the player on the main quest of The Twilight Islands beginning with having a conversation with the player when speaking with them for the first time.


  • Hmm... An offworlder huh? I shouldn't be so surprised. These are strange times indeed...
  • Well, I don't know what business you have here, but we don't have much to give. In fact, the village's doing worse off than ever before, in all my years of chiefdom.
  • It's the Kobblins, I tell you! When the Dryads were around, our rangers could hunt in peace. Now, we send out our best men and they may not even report back.
  • But, judging by the fact that you've ventured so deep in to reach our humble abode, I assume you are relatively skilled and prepared to face the island's dangers then.
  • In that case, I have a small favour to ask for you. Our missing villagers... we believe that they are being kept against their will deep beneath the Great Tree, kidnapped by those Kobbie freaks.
  • Now, we would dispatch our ranger forces to infiltrate and extricate, but the entrance to the caves beneath the tree are conveniently locked.
  • All that I'm asking is that you head down there to investigate, for our sake. We would be forever in debt to you, no matter the outcome, and though like I said, we may not have much, we're still willing to part with what we do have.
  • As far as I know, few have access to the key that can unlock the Great Tree. These individuals are mainly the Trents, former servants of the Dryads and now in-league with the Kobblins. Impossible to miss - you'll find them underground.
  • Once you've gotten into the great tree, you may want to bring this along to lure the enemy out. Don't be unprepared however - I doubt they will be unready. Thank you, and good luck! (Gives player the Flag of the Whistling Willow)


The quest given the Chief is to save the Silvan Fisherman from Great Tree and the player must go through a few steps to do so:

Step 1: The player must travel to the Caverns beneath the Island or order to find and kill a Trent, a rare miniboss which can randomly spawn anywhere in the caves.
Step 2: Before leaving the caves the player may want to find a Verry Berry, a rare plant which can be found growing anywhere beneath the Deep Woods biome.
Step 3: The Trent will have dropped a Sacred Root Key used to unlock the large door near the bottom of the Great Tree leading to the room the Kobmother is located, her eyes will follow the player as they move around the room but she will never attack them.
Step 4: Using the Flag of the Whistling Willow given by the chief will summon Kobbolem, the main boss of the Twilight Islands and an extremely challenging opponent, make sure to take proper preparation's before the battle.
Step 5: After defeating Kobbolem the door to the prison will be opened where the Silvan Fisherman will be held captive and starving, giving him the Verry Berry will heal him, continuing the quest and he will give the player the Shoot of the Great Tree as a thank you.
Step 6: After saving the Fisherman the player can return to the Chief to let him know the missing villagers have been saved and the Kobblin's leader has be slain, after which he will give them their final rewards.

Items Sold[]

Item Cost Availability

Pinkymod/Flag of the Whistling WillowFlag of the Whistling Willow 2 Always


  • I don't know... I guess I don't really agree with how the Dryads treated the Kobblins. But why is it that violent revolutions so quickly decay into the things they are revolting against in the first place?
  • Have you ever been to the mainlands? Or are you a paradox islander? I've always wanted to travel abroad but that would mean abandoning my duties.
  • During their golden age, the Dryads transmutated dozens of plants into greater lifeforms to do their bidding. Specialised organic weapon systems... very much still alive and continuing for generations to come, only without any control anymore.
  • By the Gods, if there is one thing us Silvan Terrarians ain't, its cowards! But... we're also smart. I wouldn't be caught dead leading men in a battlefield. If I die, who will take over?
  • The Dryads created an artificial lifeform known as the Kobmother long ago. It facilitated the mass genesis of a new race sculpted from dirt, grass and magick. To this day, it still slumbers beneath the Great Tree, churning out more Kobblins.
  • Hey, if you ever find Kobbunists on the mainland, can you do us a favour and tell them it won't work? Maybe it does for brain-dead Kobblins, but ask any Terrarian to share their wealth with their worst enemy, and enlightened ideals gives way to the instincts which makes us human.

After defeating Kobbolem:

  • You... actually did it. I... no, we. We are forever indebted to you. Please, take this as a symbol of our gratitude. (Gives player the Seal of Recognition)
  • Finally... their leader and greatest asset is banished. They don't have a cult of personality to flock to anymore. But... our war isn't done yet. In time, I shall rally our village, rebuild and reclaim what is ours!
  • Do not fret, kind traveller. We are more than capable of handling ourselves against the regular forces, and we have no business underground. So long, and thank you for everything! You are truly our savior, and I'm sure the others will treat you as such!

If the player has Autopause on:

  • What? Why would I break your kneecaps for having autopause on? Don't be silly!


The Silvan Chief will always simply be named "Silvan Chief".


  • The Silvan Chief asking why the player would think he'd break their kneecaps for having autopause on is a reference to Erazor from the Shadows of Abaddon mod doing just that if they speak to him with it on.
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