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Silvan Armorer
Silvan Armorer (Pinkymod).png
TypeTown NPC
AI TypePassive
Max Life400
KB Resist85%

The Silvan Armorer is a Town NPC added in the Pinkymod who can be found in the Silvan Village who sells various weapons and equipment used by the residents of the village.

Items Sold[]

Item Cost Availability

Pinkymod/Silvan Hunting SpearSilvan Hunting Spear 8 Always
Pinkymod/Silvan LongswordSilvan Longsword 8 Always
Pinkymod/Hunter's Composite BowHunter's Composite Bow 9 Always
Pinkymod/Hunting RifleHunting Rifle 10 Always
Pinkymod/Leather QuiverLeather Quiver 8 Always
Bone ArrowBone Arrow 15 Always
Poisoned KnifePoisoned Knife 60 Always
Poison DartPoison Dart No Value Always
Pinkymod/Silvan LongswordSilvan Longsword 8 Always
Pinkymod/Silvan Ranger CowlSilvan Ranger Cowl 5 Always
Pinkymod/Silvan Ranger VestSilvan Ranger Vest 6 Always
Pinkymod/Silvan Ranger GreavesSilvan Ranger Greaves 5 Always


  • The through value of my weapons emerge when drenched in the soil of slain Kobblins!
  • Buy something, anything. What's more important is that you put it to good use.
  • The village's not what it used to be. Sadly, the same circumstances also aid my business.
  • You sure as hell don't look local. How'd you even get here? Has the veil been mismanaged to badly by the Kobblins? I sure think so.
  • Once, our children played in the woods and the swamps. Now, only the most skilled of Rangers can go beyond the perimeters. And even then - not all come back.
  • You've seen the outside world? Then old Chief would probably like a word with you.
  • I would promise you that my wares are of superb quality. It would've been better if our spelunkers had not all disappeared.
  • Why did you even come here, to this desolate place? I mean, so long as you buy something, I won't complain, but I'm still perplexed...
  • Years ago, some traders brought what you mainlanders call Carbonium here. We traded samples, and I can confirm that we both mutually preferred our metalwork over theirs!
  • Look, I'd go out and do things myself, but I'm far too old. These hands are still good for the hammer and anvil, but my legs are giving in to age.


The Silvan Armorer will always simply be named "Silvan Armorer".

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