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Lihzahrd Warrior
Lihzahrd Warrior (Pinkymod).png
EnvironmentJungle Temple
AI TypeFighter AI
Damage80 120
Max Life600 960
KB Resist75%
Inflicts debuffPinkymod/Chaos FlamesChaos Flames
Debuff duration2 seconds
Debuff tooltipYou've become an unholy bonfire

The Lihzahrd Warrior is a Hardmode enemy found within the Jungle Temple. It quickly runs towards the player to deal contact damage and inflicts Chaos Flames.

Bestiary Entry[]

Fanatical devotee of the Profaned Cult who had set only one goal in life: to die for the Emperor. It is true such blind faith of which he was first spotted and picked out by the Profaned Priests amongst the ranks of regular Lihzahrd soldiers. From then on, he was inducted to become a crusader of

the Profaned Cult, and granted his new equipment. As far as I know, Lihzahrd Warriors are the textbook example of a good Lihzahrd and citizen. Propaganda in the Jungles frequently feature them. Of course, the truth is still out there, and those who find it also find themselves resenting this faceless figure of religious fanaticism and regression.

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