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Kobblin (Pinkymod).png
AI TypeFighter AI
Damage15 30
Max Life55 110
Defense4 12
KB Resist40%

The Kobblin is a Pre-Hardmode enemy. It appears to be a walking mass of plant and dirt with a grassy growth for 'hair'. It spawns in forest biomes, and alongside the Blue Slime, can be one of the first enemies a player will encounter in their playthrough. During the The grass grows greener today! Minor Events, Kobblins have a higher chance of spawning & Lilith Root has a 2% chance of dropping.


The fact that they seemingly 'vibrate' to walk is intentional, an emphasis on the haplessness of their legs when it comes to supporting and moving the rest of their body.

Bestiary Entry[]

A hunk of plant matter and dirt given life. Tries very hard to walk. Originally created as slaves for the Dryads, a few Kobblins were born with binary mutations that made them extra smart. Eventually, inspired by contraband manifestos, they revolted and established the Kobblin People’s Union after destroying the Dryad Circle.

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