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Kaika's Lantern
  • Kaika's Lantern item sprite
Damage60 15 (Summon)
Knockback2 (Very weak)
Use time30 (Average)
TooltipWhen held in hand, conjure disembodied dark spirits. Left click to compel the spirits to charge the cursor Max spirits is 2, with an additional 1 for every 2 minion slots you have.
A lantern made from an otherworldly wood harvested from another dimension.
RarityRarity level: 6
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Ragged CasterRagged Caster 1 ?%

Kaika's Lantern is a Hardmode Summon Weapon that summons a pair of Dark Sprits when holding it and for every two minion slots the player has another spirit is summoned. When the player left clicks, the spirits will simultaneously charge in the direction of the cursor. The spirits do not take up minion slots.

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