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Hope Encumberer
Hope Encumberer (Pinkymod).png
AI TypeHope Emcumberer AI
Damage45 80
Max Life160 300
KB Resist95%
Immune toConfused

The Hope Emcumberer is a Pre-Hardmode enemy found in the Underworld biome. It quickly hops towards the player to deal contact damage an is able to jump across lava.

Bestiary Entry[]

Tortured soul drowning in misery. It wants all that enters it's domain to share it's suffering as well. They pick on almost everything in the Underworld, except Imps and Demons, who can use their magic to disable these poor critters' legs of flame. Just like Lava Slimes, they can skip over lava very easily and quickly. On land, they just try to hop towards you. Do not let their cries of mercy fool you - for if you let yourself get into their reach, they will not show any to you.

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