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Heart of the Cavern
Heart of the Cavern (Pinkymod).png
AI TypeHeart of the Cavern AI
Damage0 (Contact)
Max Life12,000
Defense30 / 35
KB Resist100%
Immune toAll debuffs

"A roar can be heard from the caverns above..."

The Heart of the Cavern is a Pre-Hardmode Boss fought just before the Wall of Flesh.


The Heart of the Cavern cannot spawn on its own and can only be summoned by right-clicking the Sacred Crystal found at the bottom of the Sanchon Mining Facility with the Crystalline Wayfinder in your inventory.


The Heart of the Cavern willawaken, opening its eye and floating down to the center of the arena. The Heart will fire gembolts at the player in various patterns indicated by the runes present on its orbiting sigillites. On top of this, the main eye itself sometimes begin to charge a massive sweeping prismatic deathray in the direction of the player indicated by a trail of crystal dust.

  • Lava Rune: The sigil is idle and will not attack
  • Diamond: Fires between 1-2 gembolts at the player (1-3 when below 50% health)
  • Flower: Fires 8 gembolts in the cardinal directions around itself
  • Octagon: Fires an explosive gem mines at the player (only when below 75% health)
  • Pillar: All sigils will simultaneously fire 2 gembolts parallel of each other to the left and right of the arena (only when below 50% health)
  • Chain: All sigils will simultaneously fire a single gembolt into the Heart's eye which will bounce them all back outwards at a slightly different angle (only when below 50% health)
  • Cross: Fires 4 gembolts in all diagonal directions of itself (only when below 25% health)

  • At 75%, 50% and 25% health, the Heart will summon a swarm of Stone Sentries around itself and reduce its attack speed for a short time.
  • At 50% health while in Expert Mode the Heart will summon a Chromagikk to follow the player and fire a smaller Prismatic Deathray at them.


Image Name Condition
Stone Sentry (Pinkymod).png Stone Sentry Always
Chromagikk (Pinkymod).png Chromagikk 50% health (in Expert Mode)


  • When the Heart of the Cavern is summoned, the arena's entrance to the left will be sealed off with Heart of the Cavern Arena Barriers. These are one-way barriers that if approached from the left, will teleport the player into the arena, but not vice versa. These barriers automatically lower once the boss is defeated. They can also be broken as long as the Heart of the Cavern is not in the world.
  • Those outside the arena cannot damage the Heart of the Cavern


  • The Heart of the Cavern takes inspiration from both the Ballos fight from Cave Story and the Erchius Horror from Starbound.

Bestiary Entry[]

Ancient cavern diety. I have read about it in my books back in the day when that was my forte. The Heart of the Cavern, known by many other names such as Rock of Plenty, Bringer of Fortune, the Cavegod, Father Illuminator and so on. If the legends are true, it was created by none other than the Moon Lord to answer the prayers of his cultists, to shower them with unlimited wealth. But you know, religious figures seeking unending wealth never ends well. A unspoken tragedy occurred, ending with the Heart being buried underground deep within the ranges of Sanchon Coast Mountain, supposedly. As for those cultists... Only one lived to pass the tale on. I wonder if the Medium knows anything of them, heh.


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