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Pinkymod adds two new sets of furniture, a variety of new Crafting stations, and an assortment of various functional and decorative furniture items.

Crafting Stations[]

Pinkymod/Carbonite CrucibleCarbonite Crucible Pinkymod/Chum GrinderChum Grinder Pinkymod/Construction TableConstruction Table
Pinkymod/Despairing AltarDespairing Altar Pinkymod/Liquidification LabLiquidification Lab Pinkymod/Rocket Assembly StationRocket Assembly Station
Pinkymod/Runescribe TableRunescribe Table Pinkymod/Shrine of KnowledgeShrine of Knowledge Pinkymod/Traditional StoveTraditional Stove
Pinkymod/Vectorial Assembly MachineVectorial Assembly Machine

Light Sources[]

Pinkymod/Futuristic Tube LightFuturistic Tube Light Pinkymod/LampsLamps Pinkymod/Lava RuneLava Rune
Pinkymod/CandelabrasCandelabras Pinkymod/CandlesCandles


Pinkymod/Sky Biome ChestSky Biome Chest


Pinkymod/AutoloaderAutoloader Pinkymod/BedsBeds Pinkymod/DoorsDoors
Pinkymod/Dark Ritual TableDark Ritual Table Pinkymod/Infinite Boulder DispenserInfinite Boulder Dispenser Pinkymod/Metal Spikes TrapMetal Spikes Trap
Pinkymod/Mind PortalMind Portal Pinkymod/Overgrowth AltarOvergrowth Altar Pinkymod/Surefire IncineratorSurefire Incinerator
Pinkymod/Totem of WardingTotem of Warding Pinkymod/Wooden Spikes TrapWooden Spikes Trap Pinkymod/Wooden Wall ClockWooden Wall Clock


Pinkymod/Abesmal Nuklr RektorAbesmal Nuklr Rektor Pinkymod/Abyssal PustulesAbyssal Pustules Pinkymod/Abyssal TentaclesAbyssal Tentacles
Pinkymod/BannersBanners Pinkymod/BookcasesBookcases Pinkymod/ChairsChairs
Pinkymod/Dysfunctional Alchemy TableDysfunctional Alchemy Table Pinkymod/EaselEasel Pinkymod/Firent NestFirent Nest
Pinkymod/Gold TrophyGold Trophy Pinkymod/Hallowstone Wall DecorHallowstone Wall Decor Pinkymod/Hero StatuesHero Statues
Pinkymod/KelpKelp Pinkymod/Large KelpLarge Kelp Pinkymod/Large Text DisplayLarge Text Display
Pinkymod/Model of a ShipModel of a Ship Pinkymod/Mossy Stone ArrangementMossy Stone Arrangement Pinkymod/PaintingsPaintings
Pinkymod/Placeable Lesser Healing PotionPlaceable Lesser Healing Potion Pinkymod/Placeable Mana Healing PotionPlaceable Mana Healing Potion Pinkymod/Ruin PlatformRuin Platform
Pinkymod/Rustic Iron BenchRustic Iron Bench Pinkymod/Slime Army Battle StandardSlime Army Battle Standard Pinkymod/Small Hay PileSmall Hay Pile
Pinkymod/StatuesStatues Pinkymod/TablesTables Pinkymod/TelevisionTelevision
Pinkymod/Text DisplayText Display Pinkymod/Venerated Dryad's TombVenerated Dryad's Tomb Pinkymod/Widescreen TelevisionWidescreen Television
Pinkymod/Wooden PodiumWooden Podium

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