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Forest Flutterer
Forest Flutterer (Pinkymod).png
TypeFlying Enemy
AI TypeBat AI
Damage30 50
Max Life120 260
KB Resist40%

The Forest Flutterer is a Pre-Hardmode enemy found on the Surface during the day after the Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated. It flies towards the player to deal contact damage.

Bestiary Entry[]

Juvenile of a Forest Flutterer - a nature elemental of sorts. They originate from a off-shore location, but I do not know where. Somewhere steeped in magic, fire, and an excessive amount of soulblossom leaves! I think it is the legendary home island of the Dryads. But when the Dryads were still a large faction, they kept the place a secret. Now that most of the Dryads are gone and those who survived would rather forget their past and the Kobblin Revolution, the chances that I will see that place is slim.

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