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Flowering Kobblin
Flowering Kobblin (Pinkymod).png
EnvironmentUnderground Jungle
AI TypeUnicorn AI
Damage75 125
Max Life1400 2400
KB Resist95%
Immune toConfused

The Flowering Kobblin is an uncommon Hardmode enemy found in the Underground Jungle. It runs towards the player, quickly accelerating as it moves to deal contact damage, though it will completely stop if it jumps or needs to turn around.

Bestiary Entry[]

Kobblin that has grown flowers and had vines and roots seeping into it's abnormally large body. It might lead one to think that it is a pregnant Kobblin of sorts, but Kobblins are unable to reproduce by themselves. So what lead to the existence of flowering Kobblins? Probably bad luck

on their part. In fact, while the flower gives them strength, speed and power, they appear to be the dumbest of all Kobblins. Can't even chase prey right! Just hop over them and slay them while they are confused at having missed a charge. (If they even attempt one in the first place)

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