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Flag of the Whistling Willow
  • Flag of the Whistling Willow item sprite
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Tooltip"A small diplomatic table standard signifying an emissary from the Whistling Willows, the diplomatic branch of the Dryad Order. Like all other artifacts of the past, is sure to cause a furore if showed off in the revolutions' most scared places...
RarityRarity level: 2
Buy / Sell2 / No value

The Flag of the Whistling Willow is a Pre-Hardmode Summoning item used to summon Kobbolem within the locked room at the bottom of the Great Tree on The Twilight Islands. It is given to the player by the Silvan Chief when starting his quest.


  • If the player loses the Flag more can also be purchased from the Chief for 2 Gold Coins each.
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