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The Pinkymod adds many new fishing related items including new Fishing Rods, Bait, Crates and more.

Fishing Gear[]

Fishing Rods[]

Fishing Pole Source Fishing Power Sell Rarity Notes Bobber
Pinkymod/Obsidian RodObsidian Rod Crafted with 40 ObsidianObsidian + 15 Hellstone BarHellstone Bars   @   Iron AnvilIron Anvil
40 Rarity level: 3 Can fish in Lava. Obsidian Rod Bobber (Pinkymod).png
Pinkymod/Destroyer of FishDestroyer of Fish Crafted with 12 Hallowed BarHallowed Bars + 10 Soul of MightSouls of Might   @   Mythril AnvilMythril Anvil
1 60 Rarity level: 5 Casts 3 bobbers at once. Destroyer of Fish Bobber (Pinkymod).png
Pinkymod/Otherworldly PoleOtherworldly Pole Found in Spooky ChestSpooky Chests within The Void
80 Rarity level: 5 Otherworldly Bobber (Pinkymod).png


Type Value Rarity Source Bait Power
Pinkymod/Enchanted GlowbaitEnchanted Glowbait 40 Rarity level: 2 Crafted at a Chum Grinder
Pinkymod/Green Dream BaitGreen Dream Bait 40 Rarity level: 2 Crafted at a Chum Grinder
Pinkymod/Purple Deluxe BaitPurple Deluxe Bait 1 20 Rarity level: 5 Crafted at a Chum Grinder
Pinkymod/Supreme FishbringerSupreme Fishbringer 2 Rarity level: 8 Crafted at a Chum Grinder



Type Value Rarity Source Use
Pinkymod/Goop SquidGoop Squid 1 Rarity level: 2 Underground Jungle Used to make Agility Potions.
Pinkymod/PiranhaPiranha 40 Rarity level: 0 Jungle Used to make Wrath Potions, Rage Potions, Piranha Food and Supreme Fishbringers
Pinkymod/WyrdfishWyrdfish 40 Rarity level: 9 The Void Used to make Charisma Potions, Resilience Potions and Vex Potions.


Type Value Rarity Biome
Pinkymod/Twilight CrateTwilight Crate 2 Rarity level: 2 The Twilight Islands
Pinkymod/Abyssal CrateAbyssal Crate 20 Rarity level: 4 The Void
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