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Failed Elemental
Failed Elemental (Pinkymod).png
TypeFlying Enemy
EnvironmentJungle Temple
AI TypeFailed Elemental AI
Damage50 90
Max Life1300 2200
KB Resist90%
Immune toPoisonedVenomConfusedOn Fire!ShadowflameIchor (debuff)

The Failed Elemental is a Hardmode enemy found within the Jungle Temple. They slowly float towards a player while leaving a trail of embers, occasionally they stop and release several embers around themselves while gaining a massive defense boost. They are able to pass through blocks.

Bestiary Entry[]

I am coming to a conclusion that the moment a civilization turns to the use of a super-fancy magic flame in their works is the moment said civilization dies. The Lihzahrd have become obsessed with their Profaned Flame, and ignoring all reason and critical thinking, they tried to use it to prove the existence of their God. While they were laughed upon by the scientific community, they eventually shocked the world by the creation of life with flame. These Elementals were obviously meant to be something much more grand, but for the few months after their creation, they were labelled as anything but failed. They were even celebrated and showed off! But when the Lihzahrd finally achieved their ultimate goal, these things were rounded up and discarded into the Temple depths. So much for everything, huh?

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