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Dungeon Overseer
Dungeon Overseer (Pinkymod).png
TypeUndead Enemy
AI TypeCaster AI
Damage30 45
Max Life1200 2000
KB Resist10%
Immune toPoisonedVenomConfused

The Dungeon Overseer is an uncommon Pre-Hardmode enemy found within the Dungeon. It remains stationary while it fires 3 bursts of 2 water bolts before teleporting to a new spot, these water bolts can pass through walls when far away from the player or bounce off walls when close by. When below 50% health they fire 5 short ranged water bolts in a star pattern around themselves whenever they teleport.

Bestiary Entry[]

Skeletal archmage, who trained in the arts of magic with the Dungeon Constructor's own teachings, as well as the powers they draw on via the Undead Creator Skeletron. They possess the greatest of all Undead Consciousness, which have allowed them to surpass their fellow Dark Casters in training early on and be accepted into the prestigious tutelage of their Undead Overlord himself. Far deadlier and more resilient than their lesser brothers, the torch of training the next generation of mages is then passed on to them. Their loyalty to the Dungeon Constructor is almost absolute, but with time, even they can succumb to the madness that has engulfed the rest of the Dungeon. They had seen it coming first, in the form of dark visions and dreams. For there can be no peace so long as the Abyss festers still.

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