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Dungeon Constructor
Dungeon Constructor (Pinkymod).png
AI TypeDungeon Constructor AI
Damage70 / 120
Max Life85,000 / 100,000
Defense35 / 35
KB Resist100%
Immune toAll debuffs
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Perhaps the greatest sorcerer to ever live, and definitely the oldest living one.

— The Traveller's Journal

The Dungeon Constructor is a Hardmode Boss meant to be fought after Plantera but before Golem. He is a powerful adversary, casting a myriad of spells and cycling through forms which mirror the different dungeon magic enemies' elements.


The Dungeon Constructor is summoned by using a Strange Pendant in or nearing the Dungeon but it is best to summon him in the Experiment Hall as that is his intended arena.


The Dungeon Constructor teleports randomly around the arena and remains stationary while casting 2-3 spells he will then teleport somewhere else and repeat.

The Dungeon Constructor will switch between the four type of magic used by dungeon casters (Fire, Shadow, Water and Soul) indicated by the colour of the magic platform he stands on, the set of spells he is able to use depends on the type of magic he is using:


  • Firing 1-2 bursts of 6 fast moving Inferno Winds at the player.
  • Firing a spread of 4 Exploding Infernos like those casted by Diabolists.
  • Raining a barrage of Sunbringer Flares down on the player.
  • Summoning Phanton Phoenixes that fly across the screen
  • Summoning a swarm of Chaos Flares in a semicircle around himself that home in on the player after a short time.
  • Summoning a swarm of Profaned Suns above the player that shoot Profaned Fireballs at them before exploding.
  • Fire 2 Sunlight Bolts that constantly fire 4 Sun Beams which rotate around the original Bolt.


  • Summoning several Electrocution Fields on top of the player.
  • Firing 4 Tidal Smites at the player which each constantly release smaller Tidal Shards above and below as they travel.
  • Summoning a group of 8 Tempests that constantly chase the player and fire Mini Sharkrons at them.
  • Summoning trails of Small Bubbles from random directions around the player that fly from one edge of the screen to the other
  • Throws three arcing flasks at the player that explode into 8 Water Bolts upon collision.
  • Firing 3 bursts of 2-3 Water Bolts.
  • Summons a group Volatile Bubbles in random places around himself which exploding into a cross or X shape of Tidal Shards when either killed or after a short time and a group of Stable Bubbles that follow him around which block projectiles.


  • Summoning 3 temporary Wisp Sentries that shoot Soul Darts at the player.
  • Firing 2-3 swarms Soul Darts at the player in a large spread that slow down as they move until becoming stationary.
  • Summoning a temporary Giant Wisp Sentry that constantly fires a large amount of Liberated Spirits around itself.
  • Summoning 2 waves of 6 homing Dungeon Spirits around himself.
  • Creating a fountain of Revenant Spirits like that summoned by the Rising Revenants underneath where the player was standing.
  • Fire 2-3 bursts of 3 Soul Spears in a wide spread.


  • Summoning 1-2 swarms of Shadow Blasts from the top left or right of the screen that curve upwards after a short time.
  • Creating stationary Death Runes around the arena.
  • Rapdily firing a barrage Shadowflame Blasts at the player.
  • Creating a bullet hell of Necromancy Expansums around himself.
  • Fires 3 large Necromancy Balls at the player which explode into a ring of Shadowflames on collision with tiles
  • Fires 6 trails of 3 bouncing Dark Orbs at the player.
  • Summons a group of Haunted flames which home in on the player and explode.

Phase 2[]

When below 75% health The Dungeon Constructor will begin to charge at the player 4 times trailing himself in either, Bubbles, Demon Scythes, Fireballs or Dungeon Spirits depending on which type of magic he's using.

Phase 3[]

When Below 50% The Dungeon Constructor's head will detach from his body and chase the player for a short time before disappearing while the body will continue to attack with increased speed and he will also have a chance to use his Astral Magic attack.

Astral Magic Attack[]

  • The Dungeon Constructor will become invulnerable and disappear, several outlines of stars will flash around the arena as Giants Stars rain down when they reach where an outline had been they explode into several massive rings of Fallen Stars.


Image Name Condition
Tempest (Pinkymod).png Tempest When using Water Magic
Volatile Bubble (Pinkymod).png Volatile Bubble When using water Magic


  • The Black Belt can be a lifesaver, granting the ability to dodge the Constructor's more powerful attacks if you get trapped.
  • The Philosopher's Stone is also extremely useful, as in all boss fights.
  • Potions can very easily make a difference between life and death, more so in expert mode
  • It is recommended to fight him in the Experiment Hall although he can be fought anywhere in the Dungeon.
  • Getting trapped can mean death, so space to move around freely is crucial. If you get stuck, The Rod of Discord and Tabi can help with this.
  • Unlike most bosses, having an increased jump height can actually disadvantage the player in this fight, due to precise movements being required to outmaneuver the Constructor rather than pure speed.


  • The Dungeon Constructor cannot currently be fought in multiplayer as he despawns very shortly after being summoned even if on screen.

Bestiary Entry[]

Enigmatic figure who claims to have built upon the Dungeon, making it into the massive thing we know today. Perhaps the greatest sorcerer to ever live, and definitely the oldest living one, Over the centuries, his body has literally crumbled to dust, only held together through intense and unending magicks. His skull however, has been lost and it appears to have been replaced by that of a strange, alien being, I can't find archives of any sort indicating who he might have been before his undeath centuries ago. I reckon he was already a power mage back then, perhaps even the strongest of his age. He must have been a powerful and infallible warrior. How he became a skeleton in the first place puzzles me.


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Main Lore Pages:

The Dungeon Constructor is, as his name implies, the creator of the modern-day Dungeon. He was born *Verataidies*, brother to Attraidies. The brothers were born to an impoverished family in ancient Orespeak, forced to live in the slums as a result. Although Orespeak was technically a magocracy and both brothers were immensely talented in magic, neither could receive proper training or nurturing due to their social standing at birth. Eventually, Verataidies and his family were hunted down by the upper echelons of Orespeak hierarchy, alongside their fellow dregs due to being unable to pay taxes as required for boarding the 'Homeland', a massive vessel capable of dimensional travel and the ultimate rejection of humanity by the rapidly degenerating Orespeak society. The two boys were the only known survivors of the manhunt, while the others were killed for sport by the Orespeak enforcers, who by then had partaken in the madness that had plagued their magic-reliant society.

Eventually, the boys were adopted reluctantly by a family in a nearby village in the province of Arazium. Their adoptive parents took them in out of guilt, although they did not treat them well either. Of particular irritance to the boys was their new adoptive brother, Gertrude. During this time, the Verataidies was forced to work so as to sustain their own living and that of the family, and Attraidies followed suit when he came of age. Meanwhile, Gertrude was pampered by their parents, and often picked on Attraidies to the point of driving him to suicidal ideation. The brothers were also ostracized and bullied by the rest of the village, due to their 'alien' skin tones and physique (Orespeak people had pale skin and near-skeletal bodies due to their lack of exposure to sunlight.)

Verataidies however, by sheer stroke of luck, became the vessel of a powerful deity known as the Mind God, who was once the conscience of the being known as the Judgement Soul. The God was sent to Terraria by the Moon Lord on a mission to gather more information about mortal life there, but in truth was actually banished there on a way-one-ticket so that it could not interfere with the Moon Lord's plans of using the Judgement Soul for selfish reasons by giving the God-Machine conscience. In the first few years, the Mind God adapted to terrestrial existence, and came to be worshipped by a cult of fanatics, as do most Presiding Gods. Later however, the Mind God sought to gain more information and wisdom by experiencing life as a Terrarian firsthand. As such, it attached itself to one of the greatest magical presences at that time that it could detect: Verataidies. When attached to Verataidies, it existed as a helpful voice inside his head, helping to cheer him and Attraidies up when they were down. Verataidies maintained a close friendship with the God, who had the personality of a young child and a similar vocabulary at the start of their time together, but also matured as Vera grew older. The God was his only friend outside of Attraidies for the entirety of his life thereafter.

The Dungeon Constructor's Terrarian life was cut short in a twist of irony when, seeking sacrifices, the Mind God's Cult invaded his village, leading to another massacre of his people. Inside Verataidies, the Mind God was powerless to communicate with his cult(Which was the reason why the massacre started, since the cultists believed they needed more drastic sacrifices so as to make their God answer them again) and thus could not stop it's host's death. Verataidies sacrifices himself to allow Attraidies and even Gertrude to escape, but was caught by the cultists in the end. In the next few hours, Verataidies was tortured to death and flayed alive, and all the pain, anger, sadness and rage that he experienced in those long hours were felt by the Mind God in their entirety as well, which served as the catalyst for it's descent into insanity. When Verataidies died, the Mind God was forced out of his body, and now with full strength again, annihilated the cultists despite it being predominantly pacifistic due to Verataidies' own personality. Feeling that it had failed it's host, the Mind God fled in pain and sadness, while Gertrude would eventually betray and leave Attraidies for dead.

In time, Verataidies would be revived as a skeleton by Skeletron, the master reanimator. Since Verataidies felt extremely strong emotions and relieved memories during the hours of his death, coupled with his magical prowess, he managed to retain a good portion of his personality and memories at the time of his death, unlike other Skeletons, who normally are reborn with a single thought or goal which they will spend the rest of their undeath doing. Nonetheless, the newlyborn Skeleton still had a thought that became his focus: Which was a desire to protect others. In time, he would see the warring ways and barely-there sustenance of his new race, and not contempt with spending the rest of his undeath partaking in wars after wars, Verataidies decided to create a sanctuary for Skeletons. This was built off the crypt known as the Dungeon, which back then was a simple castle and several chambers. The Dungeon Constructor would expand upon it, creating an underground metropolis that stretched across nearly an entire Zonage in the mainland. His works were so monumental and affected the minds of so many Skeletons that the mind-imprints they projected were able to influence the Paradox Islands, expanding the Dungeons there as well(although to less great extent).

It was the Constructor who finally created some measure of peace for his Undead race, creating a sanctuary to protect his fellow skeletons. He would be hailed as a hero by his people and rightfully so, but above all he still desired something beyond protecting his people. It was finding his brother: Whom he missed dearly. After all, the Constructor was an unnatural Skeleton: Possessing sentience and intellect far beyond even most Terrarians. As such, he always felt lonely and unfulfilled even as he created greater and more wondrous habitats for the Undead. Moreover, his position as the leader of the Undead also forbid him from partaking in what was considered taboo, such as bonding with Terrarians. Thus, he started his research in secret.

The Constructor would have arrived at his answer far earlier if not for the fact that his memories were deteriorating like any other Skeletons. He forgot important details of his past, and as ashamed as he was to admit it, even his brother's name. He called several Terrarian dignitaries, including an unknown Hallowmage from Hallowstone who was also in pursuit of knowledge to share said wisdom with each other. However, the Constructor's real plan was to grant himself and the Terrarian some personal space under the pretext of discussing forbidden rituals, and use that time to ask about his brother. Having forgot his brothers name, the Constructor would part ways with the Hallowmage without what he sought and full of shame and guilt. In another twist of irony, the Hallowmage actually sought the Constructor out for spells that he and his order could use to combat a rising threat from Arazium: Being none other than the Mindflayer King Attraidies, who had fallen to the darkness and was amassing an army for a Conquest of Vengeance on the free lands.


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