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Crystal Sparkler
Crystal Sparkler (Pinkymod).png
TypeFlying Enemy
AI TypeBat AI
Damage58 80
Max Life200 370
KB Resist70%
Immune toConfused

The Crystal Sparkler is a Hardmode enemy summoned in large groups by The Gemihive. It flies towards the player to deal contact damage and block projectiles.

Bestiary Entry[]

Small creature spawned by the Gemihive. Makes a resonant, tinkling sound when struck. While they are made of crystals, the said crystals are not of terrestrial origin. Moreover, they are extremely brittle and held together with magic. In certain places, Crystal Sparklers are observed to use it's magic to absorb projectiles shot at it, which can be a nuisance if they so choose to use themselves as a meatshield for their parent. bring a piercing weapon if you need to.

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