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Treasure Bag.gif Expert Mode-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to Expert mode and Expert mode worlds.
Crux Tenebris
  • Crux Tenebris item sprite
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TooltipI know you'll be watching over me, and I wish I could be there
Grants BuffPinkymod/Crux Tenebris (buff)Crux Tenebris
Buff duration15 seconds
Buff tooltipThe heart beats to life in a wave of expulsed darkness. It takes a toll on your soul, but you know it is necessary
RarityRarity level: Rainbow
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Pinkymod/Dungeon ConstructorDungeon Constructor 1 100%

The Crux Tenebris is a Hardmode accessory dropped by The Dungeon Constructor while on Expert Mode. When pressing the Special Ability button while it equipped will decreases all damage by 25% and inflicts Darkness onto the player for its duration but causes all weapons to steal life from enemies nearby to the player with a 1 minute cool down.

Equipable Items: Eternal Helmet (Pinkymod).png Armor (Old Hero's Helmet (Pinkymod).png Vanity)  • Imperial Escutcheon (Pinkymod).png Accessories