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Crim Reaper
Crim Reaper (Pinkymod).png
TypeUndead Enemy
AI TypeHovering Ai
Damage80 160
Max Life400 600
KB Resist85%
Immune toAll debuffs
  • Item (Quantity)Rate
  • IchorIchor (2-3)

The Crim Reaper is a Hardmode enemy found in the Crimson. It floats towards the player to deal contact damage while summoning Floaty Grosses and is able to pass through blocks.

Bestiary Entry[]

For the fanatical bloodthirsters that worship the Crimson in life, their duty to the bloodied land is more than just a lifelong commitment. It is a point of no return, for when they die, their souls will be called up to serve the land as Crim Reapers. They are tasked to reap the souls of those that did not worship the Crimson but had perished on Crimson soil anyways. These souls are then turned into Floaty Grosses, restless wraiths not strong enough to break the bonds of the Crimson but too weak to be other Crim Reapers. This is the twisted fate that awaits the victims of Crim Reapers.

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