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Chaos Maw
Chaos Maw (Pinkymod).png
EnvironmentThe Void
AI TypeNo AI
Damage60 100 40
Max Life9000 14000
KB Resist100%
Immune toAll debuffs

The Chaos Maw is a Hardmode enemy found within the The Void. It remains completely stationary but summons a group of 4 invincible dissonant wisps once on screen, the wisps rapidly pursue the player and charge at them if they get close. All the wisps will disappear if the Choas Maw either dies or despawns.


  • The wisps all attacks the player separately which can build up Dark Damage extremely quick.

Bestiary Entry[]

Giant, maw of abyssal sludge and flesh, mutated several dozen times. Far worse of an abomination than anything the Crimson and the Corruption have, at least to me. They breed immortal wisps out of the ectoplasmic energy in the Dungeon's air. Slaying them also puts an end to the wisps. An alternative and more mind-friendly option would be to simply avoid them when you can.

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