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Angry Snowflake
Angry Snowflake (Pinkymod).png
EnvironmentSnow Biome
AI TypeAngry Snowflake AI
Damage70 120
Max Life400 800
KB Resist40%
Immune toConfused

The Angry Snowflake is a Hardmode enemy found in the Snow Biome. It remains stationary while alternating between firing a single frost bolt and a spread of 2. If the player gets too close to it they stop firing and charge towards them to deal contact damage.

Bestiary Entry[]

It's entire life is built around being angry. It is always angry. Do you think Angry Bones are the angriest of the lot? Think again. These things are more frustrated than Angry Tumblers due to the fact that they actively make up reasons to be upset. They complain about how the temperature is one float higher than the previous day. They complain about why food doesn't go to them and that they have to work for it. At least the Tumblers were initially upset because they were swept out of their safe spot by a sandstorm. These things. And to make matters worse, they use any sympathy left in you to lure you closer, where they will murderize you! Truly, your faith in Terrariankind will be restored if you compare anyone of us with one of these Triggered Snowflakes.

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