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A Note from the Medium
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TooltipThis Item has Lore - Use it while a Traveller's Journal is present in your inventory to archive it!
RarityRarity level: 3

A Note from the Medium is a Hardmode Lore item found in chests in the Cathedral of the Moon. It can be read by left-clicking it while the Traveller's Journal is in the player's inventory, and can be accessed in the Codexes section in the Traveller's Journal.


It's been eight years. Eight years since I came here. This place used to feel all eerie and stuff, but now it just feels like home. The view is truly splendid, and for once it's good to settle down instead of being constantly on the move, finding new pilgrimages to go on and places to pray. I do miss them all though, despite the fact that we as devotees are not allowed to feel for anyone but our Moon Lord. I wish I could tell the others that the age of the Moon is over, in all honesty. I may be cast out as heretical, but that is the truth. Out there, I know the date of the one we used to hold as supreme. Butchered in a devious revolt that was ultimately of his own making. And now, I can only look to the sunset and towards a (hopefully) better future. Those five are doing a real good job at what they are supposed to do. But of course, it is only a matter of time before their skills and teamwork are put to a true test. Till that day, I shall be praying to the dirty I know has long since died - for them.

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