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Welcome to the Official Ophioid Wiki.

Mod created by IDGCaptainRussia94 and Kranot.

The Mod

The Ophioid Mod is a mod that adds a unique standalone boss with a nonstandard AI that is designed to streamline soul farming after beating the Mechanical Bosses and being more challenging and entertaining than the regular worm bosses that just rams into you.

His fight has two phases right after beating the Mechanical Bosses and later gains an additional two phases after beating the Golem. This boss is designed to mainly reduce the grind you have to do for souls and pretty much fuel himself (aka you will gain enough souls to resummon him over and over after every kill).


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  • Coding and maintaining: IDGCaptainRussia94
  • Artwork: Kranot
  • Music: Badassbunnyz
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