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Welcome to the Multidimension Mod Wiki.

The Multidimension Mod is a mod that intends to add many new items, resources, enemies, and even new dimensions in a later stage of development. It is actively being created by a team of 5 people, and content is being added frequently. If you are interested in spoilers about new content or maybe even wanna help out with development, you can join the Multidimension Mod discord server. https://discord.gg/jWXCuJAMJM

The Mod is currently on its way to 1.4 and in deep need of coding support regarding new content.

Cold Ash (Multidimension Mod).pngBiomes
Multidimension Mod/Frozen UnderworldFrozen Underworld
Dorira Map Icon (Multidimension Mod).pngNPCs

Town NPCs:

Martian Cellphone (Multidimension Mod).pngResources
Multidimension Mod/Boss#ProgressionBoss progression