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Banners (enemy)
  • A Jolly Banner (Mod of Redemption).png Ancient Stone Golem Banner (Mod of Redemption).png Android Banner (Mod of Redemption).png Bone Leviathan Banner (Mod of Redemption).png
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Dimensions1 wide × 3 high
Use time14 (Very fast)
Grants BuffBanner (buff)Banner
Buff tooltipIncreased damage and defense from the following: [enemy name(s)]
RarityRarity level: 1
This article is about functional enemy-dropped Banners. For decorational Banners, see Mod of Redemption/Banners (decorational).

Redemption features banners for many of the enemies introduced in the mod's various biomes.


Mod of Redemption/A Jolly BannerA Jolly Banner

Mod of Redemption/Ancient Stone Golem BannerAncient Stone Golem Banner

Mod of Redemption/Blood Worm BannerBlood Worm Banner

Mod of Redemption/Chicken BannerChicken Banner

Mod of Redemption/Chillblood Sorcerer BannerChillblood Sorcerer Banner

Mod of Redemption/Coast Scarab BannerCoast Scarab Banner

Mod of Redemption/Corpse-Walker Priest BannerCorpse-Walker Priest Banner

Mod of Redemption/Dark Soul BannerDark Soul Banner

Mod of Redemption/Death's Gardener BannerDeath's Gardener Banner

Mod of Redemption/Forest Golem BannerForest Golem Banner

Mod of Redemption/Forest Nymph BannerForest Nymph Banner

Mod of Redemption/Forest Spider BannerForest Spider Banner

Mod of Redemption/Infected Bat BannerInfected Bat Banner

Mod of Redemption/Infected Demon Eye BannerInfected Demon Eye Banner

Mod of Redemption/Infected Worm BannerInfected Worm Banner

Mod of Redemption/Infected Zombie BannerInfected Zombie Banner

Mod of Redemption/Living Bloom BannerLiving Bloom Banner

Mod of Redemption/Molten Golem BannerMolten Golem Banner

Mod of Redemption/Moonflare Bat BannerMoonflare Bat Banner

Mod of Redemption/Ragged Zombie BannerRagged Zombie Banner

Mod of Redemption/Shadow Worm BannerShadow Worm Banner

Mod of Redemption/Skeleton Assassin BannerSkeleton Assassin Banner

Mod of Redemption/Skeleton Druid BannerSkeleton Druid Banner

Mod of Redemption/Skeleton Dueller BannerSkeleton Dueller Banner

Mod of Redemption/Skeleton Noble BannerSkeleton Noble Banner

Mod of Redemption/Skeleton Wanderer BannerSkeleton Wanderer Banner

Mod of Redemption/Skeleton Warden BannerSkeleton Warden Banner

Mod of Redemption/Stone Golem BannerStone Golem Banner

Mod of Redemption/Tree Bug BannerTree Bug Banner

Mod of Redemption/Wandering Soul BannerWandering Soul Banner

Mod of Redemption/Ye Olde Skeleton BannerYe Olde Skeleton Banner


Mod of Redemption/Android BannerAndroid Banner

Mod of Redemption/Bloated Face Monster BannerBloated Face Monster Banner

Mod of Redemption/Bloated Goldfish BannerBloated Goldfish Banner

Mod of Redemption/Bone Leviathan BannerBone Leviathan Banner

Mod of Redemption/Corrupted Paladin BannerCorrupted Paladin Banner

Mod of Redemption/Corrupted T-Bot BannerCorrupted T-Bot Banner

Mod of Redemption/Decayed Ghoul BannerDecayed Ghoul Banner

Mod of Redemption/Hazmat Skeleton BannerHazmat Skeleton Banner

Mod of Redemption/Hazmat Zombie BannerHazmat Zombie Banner

Mod of Redemption/Infected Digger BannerInfected Digger Banner

Mod of Redemption/Injector BannerInjector Banner

Mod of Redemption/Irradiated Clinger BannerIrradiated Clinger Banner

Mod of Redemption/Irradiated Sludge BannerIrradiated Sludge Banner

Mod of Redemption/Irradiated Spear BannerIrradiated Spear Banner

Mod of Redemption/Irradiated World Feeder BannerIrradiated World Feeder Banner

Mod of Redemption/Living Black Gloop BannerLiving Black Gloop Banner

Mod of Redemption/Martian Scam Artist BannerMartian Scam Artist Banner

Mod of Redemption/Nerve Parasite BannerNerve Parasite Banner

Mod of Redemption/Omega Android BannerOmega Android Banner

Mod of Redemption/Omega Space Paladin BannerOmega Space Paladin Banner

Mod of Redemption/Pirate Cook BannerPirate Cook Banner

Mod of Redemption/Plague Jelly BannerPlague Jelly Banner

Mod of Redemption/Prototype Omega BannerPrototype Omega Banner

Mod of Redemption/Prototype Silver BannerPrototype Silver Banner

Mod of Redemption/Radioactive Slime BannerRadioactive Slime Banner

Mod of Redemption/Radioactive Slimer BannerRadioactive Slimer Banner

Mod of Redemption/Radium Digger BannerRadium Digger Banner

Mod of Redemption/Radium Rampager BannerRadium Rampager Banner

Mod of Redemption/Rogue T-Bot BannerRogue T-Bot Banner

Mod of Redemption/Skelemies BannerSkelemies Banner

Mod of Redemption/Space Paladin BannerSpace Paladin Banner

Mod of Redemption/Superbug BannerSuperbug Banner

Mod of Redemption/Undead Violinist BannerUndead Violinist Banner

Mod of Redemption/Unstable Portal BannerUnstable Portal Banner

Mod of Redemption/Virus Spider BannerVirus Spider Banner

Mod of Redemption/Xeno Chomper BannerXeno Chomper Banner

Mod of Redemption/Xenoling BannerXenoling Banner