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Remote Storage Access
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RarityRarity level: 1

The Remote Storage Access establishes a remote connection to a Storage HeartStorage Heart, allowing to store and retrieve items from a storage system without needing to create a physical connection. A Remote Storage Access should not be physically connected to a Storage Heart or another Remote Storage Access, but it can be connected to Storage UnitsStorage Units, Storage AccessStorage Access, and Storage Crafting InterfaceStorage Crafting Interface.

To establish the remote connection, a LocatorLocator or Locator DriveLocator Drive must be used. First, with the Locator in hand, right-click the Storage Heart to write its coordinates in the Locator. Then go to your Remote Storage Access and right-click it with the Locator to write the coordinates from the Locator into the Remote Storage Access. The remote connection is then established. This operation consumes the Locator, whereas the Locator Drive is reusable.

Mining a Remote Storage Access will erase its connection coordinates. After placing it again, the connection will have to be reestablished by using a Locator or Locator Drive again.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Remote Storage AccessRemote Storage Access
Work BenchWork Bench