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Hallowed Storage Unit
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The Hallowed Storage Unit is an upgraded Magic Storage/Storage UnitStorage Unit. As such, it serves as a container for a storage system, however, its content cannot be seen directly: instead, all the content from all connected Storage Units are seen together in the storage system's Magic Storage/Storage HeartStorage Heart, a connected Magic Storage/Storage AccessStorage Access, or a Magic Storage/Remote Storage AccessRemote Storage Access. Items are still technically stored in the Hallowed Storage Unit, however, and the unit is therefore protected from mining as long as it contains items. A Magic Storage/Storage Unit WandStorage Unit Wand can be used to deactivate a Hallowed Storage Unit, allowing to empty it and then mine it, for example in order to upgrade it to the next tier, Magic Storage/Blue Chlorophyte Storage UnitBlue Chlorophyte Storage Unit.

Tier Material Capacity Sell
Rarity level: 0 Magic Storage/Storage UnitBasic 40 6
Rarity level: 1 Magic Storage/Crimtane Storage UnitCrimtane / Magic Storage/Demonite Storage UnitDemonite 80 32
Rarity level: 2 Magic Storage/Hellstone Storage UnitHellstone 120 50
Rarity level: 4 Magic Storage/Hallowed Storage UnitHallowed 160 1
Rarity level: 7 Magic Storage/Blue Chlorophyte Storage UnitBlue Chlorophyte 240 160
Rarity level: 10 Magic Storage/Luminite Storage UnitLuminite 320 25
Rarity level: 11 Magic Storage/Terra Storage UnitTerra 640 12



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Hallowed Storage UnitHallowed Storage Unit
By Hand

Used in[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Blue Chlorophyte Storage UnitBlue Chlorophyte Storage Unit
By Hand