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Magic Storage is a mod created by blushiemagic.

It offers a convenient alternative to chests in order to store a Terrarian's hoard of items by allowing to connect together several containers that are all accessed from the same point.

A magic storage system consists of exactly one Storage HeartStorage Heart, which is the interface used to store and retrieve items but does not in itself serve as a container, and at least one Storage UnitStorage Unit is required (as they are the actual containers): A basic storage unit can hold 40 stacks of items - same as a normal container - but they can be upgraded in tiers to increase their holding capacity.

A storage system can also feature additional elements:

  • Storage ComponentStorage Component: The basic building block of a storage system, the storage components by themselves have no functional use besides working as connectors. They are, however, used to create Storage Hearts, Storage Units, and more.
  • Storage ConnectorStorage Connector: Used to connect together various elements, and is a cheaper and more practical alternative to using Storage Components for the same purpose.
  • Storage AccessStorage Access: Adds an additional access point to the storage system, since only one Storage Heart can be used in a system.
  • Storage Crafting InterfaceStorage Crafting Interface: Stores up to fifteen crafting stations and allows the crafting of items from stored materials.
  • Remote Storage AccessRemote Storage Access: An alternative to long lines of Storage Connectors, a Remote Storage Access allows a distant connection, through the use of LocatorsLocators or Locator DrivesLocator Drives. A Remote Storage Access cannot be physically connected to a Storage Heart or another Remote Storage Access, but it can be connected to Storage Units, Storage Accesses, and Storage Crafting Interfaces.

See Recipes for how to start crafting your magic storage system.


  • Non-stackable items (accessories, equipment, tools, weapons, etc.) will be shown stacked in the storage system (if they have the same prefix), however they are not actually stacked. For example, 40 ShackleShackle will fill a basic Storage Unit even if they appear as a single stack when seen in the storage system.
  • Etherian ManaEtherian Mana is safe in a storage system, even if it is accessed outside of the Old One's Army event.
  • This mod is a Terraria counterpart to Minecraft's Applied Energistics and serves many similar functions. (mass storage, crafting GUI, remote access, etc)
  • There are two normally unobtainable storage units, the Tiny Storage Unit, and Creative Storage Unit.

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