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Aqua Ember
  • Aqua Ember item sprite
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
TypeCrafting material
TooltipCold enough to extinguish any fire
'A scrap of a wet flame'
RarityRarity level: 2
Bestiary Boss Enemy.png Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
All enemies
(while in Dungeon)
1-3 33.3%/66.6%

Aqua Embers are a Pre-Hardmode crafting material dropped by all enemies in the Dungeon. They are used to craft items normally found in locked Dungeon chests, as well as other water-themed equipment. If Litho's Armory is installed alongside the Thorium Mod, they can also be converted into Spirit Droplets.


Used in[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Aqua DartAqua Dart (100)
  • Litho's Armory/Aqua EmberAqua Ember
By Hand

Magic MissileMagic Missile
  • Litho's Armory/Aqua EmberAqua Ember (15)
  • Litho's Armory/Vile DartVile Dart or Litho's Armory/Vicious DartVicious Dart
Work BenchWork Bench
Aqua ScepterAqua Scepter
Aqua GrenadeAqua Grenade (15)
WaterballWaterball (25)
  • Litho's Armory/Aqua EmberAqua Ember
Water CandleWater Candle

Gae BulgGae Bulg
Blue MoonBlue Moon
The MonsoonThe Monsoon
The Baby Face's BlasterThe Baby Face's Blaster
The Black BoxThe Black Box
Aetherial BlowgunAetherial Blowgun
Hydro BlasterHydro Blaster
Mezzowrench - Meteor ShotMezzowrench - Meteor Shot
Mezzowrench - Hellfire BulletMezzowrench - Hellfire Bullet
Aqua GloveAqua Glove
Water SlingWater Sling
  • Litho's Armory/Aqua EmberAqua Ember (15)
  • Litho's Armory/Shadow SlingShadow Sling or Litho's Armory/Tendon SlingTendon Sling
Cobalt ShieldCobalt Shield
Water BoltWater Bolt
  • Litho's Armory/Aqua EmberAqua Ember (15)
  • BookBook
Pinky GlovePinky Glove

With Thorium Mod enabled[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Spirit DropletSpirit Droplet (Thorium Item (Orchid Mod).png)
  • Litho's Armory/Aqua EmberAqua Ember (5)
By Hand
Starsteel BarStarsteel Bar
Litho's Armory/Arcane Armor FabricatorArcane Armor Fabricator